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Phenolic resin containing phenol in wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
Phenolic resin is an important industrial raw material, especially the use of fire prevention materials in recent years, due to market demand for phenolic resin increased year by year, production enterprise also will produce more poisonous and harmful waste water containing phenol.
using centrifugal extraction machine processing phenol wastewater treatment process of phenolic resin have got well.
industrial phenolic wastewater often contains thousands of mg/l, and even higher concentration of phenol, if not treated direct emissions not only caused the phenol serious waste of resources, but also can bring serious pollution to the natural environment and an immeasurable loss.
days extraction with industrial phenolic resin for wastewater treatment object, the research of phenolic resin containing phenol wastewater treatment process, research series oil-water ratio, temperature, extraction time and extraction, and other factors on the extraction effect. At the same time, through the orthogonal experiment to explore the effect of NaOH solution to the organic phase of extraction, the cycle of extracting agent was studied using properties and the recovery rate of phenol.
phenolic resin treatment of phenol wastewater treatment process has a lot of, such as biological chemical method, adsorption method, chemical oxidation, extraction, membrane separation, etc. For a high concentration of phenol waste water, industrial extraction can not only effectively reduce the phenol content in the wastewater, but also can realize phenol recovery and recycling. Due to the extraction of easy operation, low equipment requirement, continuous operation and intermittent operation can be achieved. In phenol extraction technology in recent years, there are a lot of dimethyl carbonate] Three isoamyl acetate l1, phosphoric acid, tributyl phosphate ( 真沸点) One 4 methyl 2 a ketone L13] And octanol L1 and other organic solvents on the properties of the choice of phenol.
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