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Pickling equipment centrifugal extraction machine and the reaction kettle with water and alkali wash

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Alkali wash acid is the chemical enterprise common unit operation, is passes through in the process of product manufacturing process. The choice of water washing, alkaline cleaning, acid pickling equipment play an important role in the quality of products, therefore, the customer need to know in detail when choosing equipment and inspection.

common alkali wash pickling equipment such as the reaction kettle and centrifugal extraction machine, traditional reaction kettle is widely used in before, but with the development of science and technology, the reaction kettle has been unable to meet the production requirements of the enterprise. The main reason lies in the reaction kettle in the process of operating capacity is small, processing time is longer, and separation is not complete, entrainment, can meet the production enterprise.

the problem in view of the reaction kettle, and the emergence of the centrifugal extraction machine can effectively solve these problems. Centrifugal extraction machine compared with the traditional extraction equipment, its working principle the distinction that having essence. Centrifugal extraction machine is rely on the centrifugal force will be mixed two-phase liquid separation, mixing and mass transfer speed, high extraction efficiency, thorough separation at the same time, no entrainment.

specific operation process is according to two phase solution according to certain proportion respectively from two feeding tube into the drum and shell type ring gap formed between the mixed zone, with the aid of the rotation of the drum, through the turbine disc and the impeller to make two phase mixing and dispersing quickly, two phase solution fully mass transfer. Complete mixing and mass transfer process.

mixture under the action of vortex disk into the rotary drum, in the plate to form the bulkhead area, mixture quickly with synchronous rotary drum, in under the action of centrifugal force, the heavier than major phase fluid in the process of upward mobility and gradually away from the drum center on the drum wall; Small proportion of liquid phase gradually away from the drum wall and on to the center, after clarification of two phase fluid end respectively through their weir plate into the collection chamber and the tube was closed to derivation, respectively, to complete two phase separation process.

centrifugal extraction machine material can be customized, as some acid system, can choose whole fluorine material, resistant to strong acid corrosion. Centrifugal extraction machine model is more, there are experimental extraction equipment, pilot extracting machine and large industrial equipment. Specific equipment material selection and customization, customers can choose according to the concrete material system. If need a detailed technical scheme, can contact online customer service!
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