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Plant extract equipment centrifugal extraction of agaric polysaccharide extraction machine technology was studied

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Black fungus also known as black fungus, for black fungus plants agaric fruiting body, is our country traditional health care market. Modern medical workers have new discovery to the medicinal value of black fungus, experiments show that black fungus has obvious fall hematic fat and anti thrombosis and platelet aggregation inhibition. Now medical research confirmed the important physiological function of black fungus are closely related with its polysaccharide components, such as black fungus polysaccharide can make eating high fat cholesterol feed mice total cholesterol, free cholesterol, cholesterol ester, triglycerides, and beta Lipoprotein content decreased obviously. Black fungus polysaccharide extraction generally USES water, solvent extraction and alkali formulation, different extraction methods of polysaccharide composition is also different.
days use. cwl - extraction M type centrifugal extraction of agaric polysaccharide extraction machine process: raw material processing to dry weigh, extract - filter -> centrifugal - keep clear liquid on - to the original volume of evaporating 1/4 - alcohol analysis to freeze centrifuge, bold polysaccharide to wash and dry, coarse product.
black fungus polysaccharide extraction method, its character is that: (1) raw materials and processing dried black fungus, eliminate mildew, metamorphism and unqualified agaric and impurities, such as wood, sandstone, hair, will be selected after the dry black fungus, granularity control under 20 mesh, in 2 ~ 10 times of ethanol in 60 ~ 100 ℃ after the crushing of raw materials processing 1 ~ 4 hours, keep the ethanol concentration in the process, prevent loss of polysaccharide after ethanol processing raw materials of the suction filter to dry, remove residual ethanol, repeat operation 1 ~ 3 times, (2) black fungus polysaccharide extracted a. Pretreatment: 20 ~ 50 times of black fungus treated water and blending, were treated with microwave under 2450 MHZ 1 ~ 15 minutes, take out after 10 ~ 40 times add raw material dry weight of water, again with 2450 MHZ with microwave 1 ~ 15 minutes, repeat this 2 ~ 6 times, and centrifugal separation, respectively collected on clear liquid and residue, and combine the filtrate. b。 Digestion, extraction: the above combined filtrate to join the right amount of water, make the weight of the mixture to 50 times of the dry weight of the raw material, adjusting the pH to 3 ~ 7. 5, then the filter residue or the after eliminating alcohol add to the mixture of raw materials, heating to 40 ~ 60 ℃, adding pectin enzyme ( 1 million u/ml) 0~ 2. 0%, cellulose enzyme ( 450000 u/g) 0 ~ 2. 0% and papain ( 1 million u/g) 0~ 2. 0% ( Enzyme dosage according to the raw material dry weight) Keep the enzymolysis 0 after, to start the mixer blender. 5 ~ 3 hours, then the raw material and enzymolysis liquid slag direct heating to 70 ~ 100 ℃, keep 1 ~ 4 small, c. Rough filtration and fine filtration: slag and materials will be extracted liquid cooling to room temperature, through a sieve, black fungus isolated from the slag used in secondary enzyme solution and water extraction, extract into the storage tank to be used, after the coarse filter of the extract by diatomite filter into the tank after storage for use, d. Post-processing: a mixture of the suction filter after enzymolysis, remove the insoluble substances, collecting waste for further use, after the suction filter using diatomite filtration, the filtrate and then filtered supernatant AB - 8 macroporous adsorption resin column, in order to remove the pigment in the solution, e. Purification: AB - 8 macroporous adsorption resin column after processing extract product by reduced pressure distillation, concentration to 1/8 ~ 1/2, black fungus polysaccharide crude products, (3) purification of adding raw the polysaccharide concentrate volume 1 ~ 5 times as much as 75% ~ 100% ethanol, in 2 ~ 5 ℃ alcohol sink 2 ~ 20 hours, the alcohol sink solution after filtering, drying, the temperature falls below 60 ℃, prevent polysaccharide degeneration, crushing dried polysaccharide below 200 mesh, black fungus polysaccharide is tasted.
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