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Plant extract equipment used in the food industry extracted from green tea extract tea polyphenols

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Plant extraction device, the active ingredient extracted from green tea leaves, mainly includes the tea polyphenols ( Catechin) And so on.
green tea extract in main chemical composition of tea polyphenols ( GTP) , theine, aromatic oil, water, minerals, pigment, carbohydrate, protein, amino acid, vitamin, etc.
tea polyphenols ( GTP) Green tea is the main component, accounting for 30% of the dry matter, GTP from tea made residues Dust, tea, coarse old tea or cut leaf) To extract. Because only with food grade ethyl acetate extraction, and therefore retain the GTP original structure, made the product is a pale yellow powder. Main component is composed of catechin, make up about 60% ~ 80% of GTP amount made, which contains 4% ~ 6% of epicatechin ( L - EC) And 6% ~ 8% of the gallic catechin ( D。 L - EC) , 10% ~ 15% table gallic catechins ( L - EGC) , 50% ~ 60% table gallic catechin gallic acid ester ( L - 心电图) And 8% ~ 10% of the caffeine.
GTP structure made of rich in phenolic hydroxyl, can provide active hydrogen radical inactivated, and itself was oxidized to form free radicals due to the structure of catechol with high stability. Therefore, GTP has made free radicals and inhibition of lipid peroxidation.
green tea extract main ingredients of tea polyphenol in food industry application
tea polyphenols as a natural antioxidant has been widely used in food industry. Standards of using food additives in China, the tea polyphenols can be used for use in food such as grease, moon cake, ham, dosage is 0. 4g/kg。 Use method is first to be soluble in ethanol, add a certain amount of citric acid with the solution, and then by spraying or add method used in food.

meat meat and its products in the automatic oxidation of fat during the preservation and the color yellow, rancid flavor. In meat products processing, all kinds of meat soaking or spraying good tea polyphenols solution, can make the protein on the surface of the meat products and tea polyphenols to form a layer of airtight epidural, suppressing oxidative rancidity meat surface and the growth of bacteria and prevent the deterioration of good results.
consumption of animal fats
animal fat does not contain its own natural antioxidant, easy to automatic oxidation and deterioration. Tea polyphenols is added in the oil, can prevent and delay the automatic oxidative decomposition of unsaturated fatty acid, effectively inhibiting lipid oxidative rancidity, prolong the storage period.

Fried foods Fried food in the process of frying, because its color is darker, black oxide; As oil oxidative rancidity role in storage of gradually deepening, aroma and flavor severely affected. Tea polyphenols antioxidant effect of Fried food is better, can make the phenomenon of oxidative rancidity delay, improve the shelf life of food.

baked food in moon cakes and other oily food production, add tea polyphenols in flour and oil mixture, not only can solve the anti-corrosion of the food, but also have the effect of nutrition care and enhance food flavor.

tea polyphenols of aquatic products such as fish, shrimp in the process of preservation and processing of aquatic products has significant anti-oxidation, prevent corruption, prevent Browning, and so on. In the production of dried fish products, aquatic products with water containing tea polyphenols dipping, can prevent dry fish caused by oil burning yellow and lipid oxidation. In the frozen fish, to join the tea polyphenol preparation, also can make fish preservation effect is better.

drinks tea polyphenols can be used to make all kinds of tea drinks, applied to various kinds of alcoholic beverages, and also can inhibit soy milk, soda, or juice in the destruction of A variety of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C, thus protecting drinks in various nutrients.

candy food tea polyphenols applied to gum, sweet, fruit, candy, can effective antioxidant preservation, solid color solid fragrance, in addition to bad breath, and so on. In addition, still can make tea polyphenols sugar in food 'acid tail' disappear, make GanShuang taste.
extraction equipment from green tea extract tea polyphenols plants meaning
centrifugal extraction machine as plant extract extracted from green tea extract tea polyphenols is the use of solvent leaching from the tea, then the leaching liquid for liquid liquid extraction separation, the final product was obtained, and the technology is of great help to food and medical industry.
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