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Plant extract extracted coptis extract equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Coptis chinensis for rhizoma coptidis ranunculaceae plants, leaves of rhizoma coptidis, I putuoshan wild or yunnan Chinese goldthread rhizome, perennial herbs, roots yellow, often branched, densely fibrous root.
coptis goods, due to the difference of the original plants and origin, generally can be divided into the following several kinds:
leaves of rhizoma coptidis, I putuoshan wild even, yunnan, rhizoma coptidis, taste, and even, wild rhizoma coptidis, even the clouds.
coptis contains 7 ~ 9% berberine and hydrastine, methyl hydrastis, palm leaf has alkali proof, Africa out the alkali and other alkaloid, is containing ketone of cortex phellodendri, cortex phellodendri lactone.
I putuoshan wild even isolated berberine, methyl hydrastis, medicine root base, palm leaf has alkali proof, and two kinds of non phenolic alkaloids, two kinds of phenolic alkaloids.

extraction equipment extraction plant, the basic process in rhizoma coptidis after crushing, alkalization, extraction berberine mainly dissolved in the water extraction liquid; After adjust pH, berberine free out from the water, then using chloroform extraction, the berberine in chloroform, then continue to complete follow-up purification crystallization operation.
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