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Plant extract technology research progress of extraction of capsaicin from chilli

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Capsaicin's access to the main plant extraction of organic solvent extraction. Of the creature cultivation of preparing capsaicin study abroad more, such as after take cells from the chilli meat body to fix its embedding, suspended in aqueous medium, to cultivate, to extend the time of training, to increase the capsaicin content. Kaga with three benzene phosphorus and 6 -, etc Marina acetic acid as the starting material, after four steps up and extraction method to get the same product of pure capsaicin, the overall yield was 26. 6%. Chemical synthesis has the advantage that can get the single components of capsaicin. But at present, the biological cell culture method and chemical synthetic method is still in the experimental research stage, capsaicin synthase activity in cell culture is not fully expressed, not by train for a large amount of capsaicin; Chemical synthesis method to overcome the introduction of trans olefins, the difficulty of side chain, industrial production. And chili widely planting area in China, the raw materials are cheap, therefore, extracting capsaicin from natural hot pepper is the most commonly used method. Methods of extracting capsaicin from chilli mainly include organic solvent method, supercritical fluid extraction, microwave assisted extraction and ultrasonic assisted extraction, etc.

1) organic solvent method Wu Mou using 70% alcohol, extracting temperature 80 ℃, material liquid than 1:10, leaching time of 1 h, extracting 3 times, capsaicin rate is 0. 46%; Munguia etc with ethanol extracting capsaicin from chilli powder, the results showed that 80% of capsaicin in chili powder can be extracted, if the enzyme in advance to the wall the pepper, again with ethanol extraction, capsaicin extraction yield can be increased by 7% ~ 11% : Sagdullaev etc with 70% ethanol extract capsaicin from chilli, by the HPLC analysis, from uzbekistan's chili, source, hot pepper, capsaicin content in extract capsaicin content is 0. 175% ~ 0. 325%; Li mou, compares the different solvent extraction of capsaicin, the results show that methanol as solvent, capsaicin, the highest in acetone, ethanol, lowest S - extract directly 8 macroporous resin column, using ethyl acetate with ethanol desorption vinegar, further purification, the HPLC analysis, capsaicin content in the samples as the standard of 94. 6%.
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