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Plant extraction equipment extraction Shi Sha plants multi-layer tower

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Multi-layer tower alias: snake jiaozi, Mao Qing poles, lice, pull over and snake grass, grass daughter sucked, dwarf fir, Wan Niansha, iron plate, ocean's daughter worm, Liu Guo slave, short, dog teeth, voice, golden key, horizontal grain grass, loose filled day and play the undead, pinon, injuries grass, kill maggot medicine, cheese, erect. For Shi Sha plants snake Shi Sha across the grass.
ecological environment: in wetland or shade shade on the stone.
resource distribution: distribution in northeast China, the Yangtze river, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong, guangxi, sichuan, guizhou and yunnan.
sexual flavour: sheen; Gansu; Slightly bitter; Flat; Temperature; Cool; Acid; Small poison
to: lung; E. ; Liver; Kidney meridian

thousand thousand layer tower chemical composition tower grass layer containing alkaloids: clubmosses alkali, alkali clubmosses, snake clubmosses alkali, alkali clubmosses spirit, clubmosses better alkali, multi-layer tower base, multi-layer potanin alkali, multi-layer tower, alkali, multi-layer tower it better alkali, multi-layer tower it, alkali, clubmosses alkali, Shi Sha bases A, B, burnish clubmosses spirit alkali, N - A cornerstone of Chinese fir alkali B, snake Shi Sha alkali, 8 - Deoxidation qianceng potanin alkali, etc. ; Ene glycol triterpene: multi-layer tower, tower ene glycol - thousand layer 3 - Acetate, 21 - Table multi-layer tower ene glycol, 16 - Multi-layer tower ene glycol, oxygen 16 - Oxygen generation of multi-layer tower triol, multi-layer tower three glycol ( Four alcohol, multi-layer tower, 21 - Ene glycol tower - table thousand layer 3 - Acetate, 16 - Double oxygen generation table multi-layer tower rare diol, multi-layer tower ene glycol - 21 - Acetate, etc. Same plant louse shiva grass containing alkaloids: clubmosses, snake clubmosses alkali, alkali clubmosses spirit, multi-layer potanin alkali, multi-layer tower base, snake clubmosses, clubmosses better alkali, clubmosses Foley star alkali and eight Deoxidation qianceng potanin alkali, etc.
plant extraction equipment extraction technological process and characteristics of multi-layer tower
process raw material to ethanol extraction, enrichment to extract, solvent extraction to extract - concentrated extract - spray drying, crushing, mixing, packaging and product.
. cwl - use M new centrifugal extraction machine of plant extraction tower with thousand layer, single stage extraction rate was 95%, the secondary cross-flow extraction rate was 99%, the secondary counter-current extraction rate was 98%, the cross-flow extraction rate is higher than counter-current extraction rate, and single-stage and two-stage extraction rate can reach the requirement of industrial production.
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