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Plant extraction technology to extract the compositae chrysanthemum extract volatile oil

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
Chrysanthemum extract compositae chrysanthemum extract dry flower head. Tan powder sweet, bitter, slightly cold. Lung, liver meridian.
chrysanthemum extract mainly contain volatile oil, gland Piao Yin, choline, chrysanthemum glucoside, amino acids, brass, vitamin E, etc. The volatile oil is one of the important active ingredients. QiJu naphtha for gc found its contain: camphor, 1, 8 - Eucalyptus oil ether, beta Clove ene, borneol, bornyl acetate, metal and huan xi ( Alpha and beta) 、α- Terpineol, - Cyme, alcohol, horn tea, chrysanthemum ketene, alpha Cubeb oil etc 18 components, these components with half as many terpenoids and terpene oxygen-containing derivatives.
chrysanthemum naphtha composition is complicated, more for terpenoids, its composition and content for chrysanthemum species varies. Chrysanthemum volatile oil extraction method mainly includes the distillation, solvent extraction, absorption, squeezing method and development of supercritical fluid extraction in recent years.
according to the existing reports, chrysanthemum oil yield in 0. 11% ~ 0. 17%. Introduce several important methods of extracting chrysanthemum extract volatile oil below:
distillation distillation is the most commonly used method, is also China's pharmacopoeia method in the determination of volatile oil content of chrysanthemum. Volatile oil do not mix with water, after heating the sum of both vapor pressure equals the atmospheric pressure, solution began boiling, continued to heating volatile oil with the steam distillation. Distillation is divided into direct distillation and water vapor distillation, steamed salting out method is often used to make the essential oil of produced liquid separated from the water, and then to extract.
solvent extraction: the essential oil can only use the low boiling point organic solvent such as petroleum ether, ether at room temperature (diacolation or continuous reflux extraction, steamed to solvent for a quick, this rate is higher. Appeared in recent years, using carbon dioxide as a solvent extraction of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, the method advantage is that carbon dioxide is easy to remove, do not need to consider the solvent residual, but extraction cost is higher.
chrysanthemum naphtha composition analysis methods: chromatography is the main volatile oil composition analysis method, especially for gas chromatography and thin layer chromatography, thin layer chromatography used in qualitative analysis, while the gas chromatographic qualitative and quantitative all can use. The gas - Lc/naphtha bullishness of chromatography can be share various compounds, by mass spectrometry to measure the accurate molecular weight and the quality of the pyrolysis fragments.
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