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Platinum palladium separation effect is good by liquid-liquid extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
Platinum palladium use more and more widely, so more and more high to the requirement of platinum, palladium separation technology. Platinum palladium separation method using the more mainly include precipitation, displacement method, adsorption separation, extraction separation and other platinum group metal separation process. After many experiments of verification, extraction separation effect is better than other methods. Zhengzhou days. cwl - extraction research and development production M series centrifugal extraction machine is widely used in this field.

a, platinum palladium metal separation precipitation and the displacement method is used to effect the

the comprehensive principle, precipitation and displacement method principle similar to the operation. First precipitation is poorly soluble in water generated by a metal ion precipitation principle to achieve with other metal separation method. In the actual operation process, first of all need to be roasting, and hydrochloric acid to dissolve, make the aluminum reduction, then diatomite adsorption, and separation of platinum-based diatomaceous earth, then to dissolve, enrichment, ammonium chloroplatinic acid precipitation, subsequent calcination separation. Such technology advantage is that no new 'three wastes' discharge, but the drawback is that process much less, long production cycle, single batch processing.

2, platinum, palladium metal separation using adsorption separation effect

in platinum palladium metal separation, adsorption separation method can select ion exchange resin method. Ion exchange resin is based on precious metal ions and lipid compounds form the principle of the complex anion, separation, ion exchange resin method usually present but the defects of poor selectivity.

3, platinum, palladium metal separation by liquid-liquid extraction separation effect

liquid-liquid extraction separation method is a powerful way to separate organic material from the solution, which USES the solute in each immiscible liquid between the different allocation to achieve extraction and separation. Liquid-liquid extraction separation method can realize both phase points of material liquid phase quickly, high extraction efficiency, save the investment cost and solvent recycling fee.

to sum up, according to the experimental results, using liquid-liquid extraction separation process for platinum and palladium metal separation effect is good. Extraction of zhengzhou days. cwl - M series centrifugal extraction machine is liquid liquid extraction and separation technology. Has been widely used in extraction of copper, uranium, rare earth metal, separation of nickel, cobalt, cadmium, zinc, iron, molybdenum, tin, zinc, platinum, palladium, tungsten, vanadium, manganese, antimony, lithium, rare metal and nonmetal elements such as rhenium, mercury extraction.

platinum palladium metal extraction separation process diagram:

related extraction equipment figure:

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