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'Post operation skills grand meeting' production operation skills competition

by:Deyuan      2020-07-29
To improve the quality of the company staff professional skills, learn from each other and communication, display platform operation skills, to motivate employees wuxi spirit at the same time, according to the company at the beginning of the union of 'labor contest implementation plan' requirement, on December 26, 27, 2017, our company production successfully carried out the operation skills competition. In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, grading standards, in strict accordance with the planned in advance the skill operation assessment review form item by item for evaluation; In order to ensure the success of the speaking skills competition, developed detailed in advance, unified game plan and the operation skills examination review form ', 'practical + questions', from the result of preparation, the actual operation, the operation ( Or quality) Inspection, site, to examine the questions from five aspects, specifications, and wear proper operation safety site clean and tidy. In the process of competition, the judges were carefully observed each participating employee's operation. After the match, according to the grading rules seriously sub-item allocation, three eventually win the first prize, second prize 4, 5 third prize. The development of the skills competition, to improve the staff's ability to compete, improve staff professional quality, arouse the enthusiasm of the employees to learn business skills, to achieve the 'to promote learning, to promote's practice, to promote' the purpose.
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