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Precious metals week review: fuzzy gold or rose back to raise interest rates in June 1300, 5. 2 - 5. 9)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Though, after last week's rally in the gold market reach over $1300 on Monday, but because of the dollar rebound in pressure drop, during three consecutive trading day down, intraday prices up and down trading in 1280 as a whole. We expect the fed not to raise interest rates, prices have rebounded back to the $1300 the possibility of a line. Operational advice on buying.
a, precious metals market review

the market prices a week summary

, after last week's rally in the gold market is out to over $1300 on Monday, but because of the dollar rebound in pressure drop, during three consecutive trading day down, overall in the 1280 days after price fluctuation trading, the dollar still affects the gold strong performance, the market is focused on the late U. S. nonfarm data, or cause the market short-term fluctuations.
at the beginning of this week, the spot price of silver hit 15 weeks near the highest level to $18, but influenced by profit dish and the dollar index rebounded, silver with gold prices fall, however, below in the 17th. 1 a line support.
recorded by draft spot gold to 1278. $20 Bai Yinlu 17. $30, platinum last at 1062. Close at 268 $56, 99 gold. 20 yuan/grams, gold closed at 268 95. 10 yuan/grams, platinum 95 closed at 237. 00 yuan per gram.

1 second, the relevant market analysis. Peripheral markets
beauty refers to the trend of v-shaped reversal over this week, the federal reserve is still expected to raise interest rates in June, good beauty refers to rise, at the same time a strong beauty refers to negative for gold and silver prices decline, presents the obvious negative correlation between both.
crude oil relatively smoothly, Canada's wildfires caused a sharp drop in output and escalating conflict in Libya for crude oil prices, but as a whole under the control of the influence of Middle East crude oil output increase, expected to higher crude oil. The price of crude oil influence on gold prices is limited at present.
anxiously waiting for non-agricultural market report, U. S. stocks appear weak decline, the market optimism does not support the market higher, with gold present a synthetic negative relationship.
  2. Fund positions trend
on May 5, 2016, the world's largest Gold fund SPDR Gold Shares Gold holdings to 829. 44 tons, 25 increase from last weekend. 3 tons. Despite this week's gold prices fell back, but the gold ETF holdings are on the rise, is the highest level in more than two years, according to investor interest in gold remains strong.
in the same period, Silver Silver fund Trust ( SLV) Silver holdings to 10454. 5 tons, reduce 27 last weekend. 6 tons. Silver fund this week shows high profit behavior. Inventory

3, the market May 05, us initial jobless claims last week 27. 40000, increased by 1. 260000, 70000 people, more than expected, for five weeks.
ADP employment data showed that the United States in April the slowdown in the growth rate, the number of new jobs is 15. 60000, less than 19. In March 50000 people expected, growth in the number at more than 200000 people.
4, a Zhou Chongyao future events and data
April May 9, the U. S. labor market conditions index ( LMCI) , euro zone finance ministers held a special meeting on Greece
May 10th China April CPI rate
May 13, the euro zone GDP at an annual rate in the first quarter's revised, the United States on April PPI rate
5, and to the rich treasure
1. Gold
the gold back to the adjustment of the price is high, the support to 1260 dollars to see a line, the United States has official jump statement may still have to raise interest rates, the gold market sentiment. But we expect the fed for not raising interest rates, prices have rebounded to $1300 the possibility of a line. Operational advice on buying. 2 silver

the growing popularity of the silver market hit likewise, silver pressure decline to 17. Two dollars a line, if the market risk appetite continues to heat up, silver or fell to below $17. Latter is, but we are late for silver investors can consider to buy low.
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