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Precious metals week review: new gold and silver rise up (he ascended the throne, the iron lady 7. 11 - 7. 15)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Nicely, last Friday's non-farm data shows the U. S. economy is good, but as the British domestic situation gradually stabilized, gold lack the support of more long and the shape of the present technical callback is given priority to.

a, precious metals market review

last Friday's non-farm data nicely, according to the American economy is in good condition, but after long dominated by gold market, gold is not affected by the non-agricultural and answer, but as the British domestic situation gradually stabilized, gold lack the support of more long and the shape of the present technical callback is given priority to.

recorded by draft spot gold to 1332. 93 dollars, Bai Yinlu 20. $18, platinum last at 1091. $4, 99 domestic gold close at 287. 5 yuan/grams, gold closed at 286 95. 8 yuan/grams, platinum 95 closed at 250. 5 yuan per gram.

2, relevant market analysis,

1. Peripheral market

cool because of the risk aversion, this week the refers to the relationship of positively related with the spot gold, sterling gradually stabilized, bearish, refers to the market prospect of global central bank also turned bullish, spot gold under pressure.

but U. S. stock performance is very beautiful, this week is the seventh session closed up, market optimism, supporting the U. S. economy, including non-agricultural data in anticipation of a good and better tap the gold market capital stock market, and gold present negative correlation relationship.

the recent crude oil as a whole is given priority to with wide range of trends, said about the adequate supply of crude oil, crude oil, temporarily difficult to show a strong and weak on the whole and the relationship between the gold.

  2. Fund positions trend

as of jan. 7, 2016, the world's largest Gold fund SPDR Gold Shares Gold holdings to 962. 85 tons, the underweight 18 last weekend. 41 tons. Compared with last week, this week into underweight, gold prices high, organization to reduce its inventory score, but we still keep the views of middle gold watch.

in the same period, Silver Silver fund Trust ( SLV) Silver holdings to 10842. 7 tons, an increase of 221 over the weekend. 69 tons. Silver to increase sharply again this week, authorities more bullish on silver later movements.

3, market inventory

on July 8, the strength increase 28 June non-farm payrolls. 70000, the highest rate since October 2015, the unemployment rate, rebound to 4. 9%.

on July 12, as competitors withdrew from northamptonshire, Theresa May will become a new leader of the conservative on Wednesday, as Britain's new prime minister.

on July 14, the bank of England announced to maintain the benchmark interest rate at 0. 5%, at the same time maintaining bond buying scale 375 billion pounds.

4, a Zhou Chongyao future events and data

on July 21, the eurozone in July by the European central bank benchmark interest rate, %)

on July 18, the republican national convention, the conference will be officially nominated as candidate for the presidency trump.

5, and to the rich treasure

1. Gold

the situation gradually stabilised, overall U. S. economic data also optimistic, spot gold price short-term difficult to sharply upward, but the United States has not raising interest rates, so expect gold optimistic, mid next week spot gold prices retreated target near $1290, the current price advice mainly wait-and-see.

  2. Silver

the spot more strong than gold, and silver can focus on silver hold 19 next week. $3 a line support, if you can hold on, can also set new highs by the end of, is expected to top target temporarily at 21. Around $5.
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