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Precious metals week review: risk aversion to stimulate high-profile rose gold ( 6. 13 - 6. 17)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
The fed or delayed to September, at the same time, the market in Britain next week to take off the concerns are also growing, in risk aversion rising, so also constitute a strong support to the precious metals market. The risk is still larger. Gold is expected before the results come out, remain high strength. A

review, precious metals market fed or delayed to September, at the same time, the market in Britain next week to take off the concerns are growing in risk aversion rising, this is also a strong support to the precious metals market. Gold prices continue higher, upward just broke the 1300 milestone but hit 1313 the highest level in nearly two years of a line, but influenced by profit-taking plate, the price adjustment.
silver although this week's rally is slightly inferior to the gold, but the overall is still the gold rally synchronization, only one step away from the beginning of may highs above, if can successful 18 levels, can be further on the 18th. 5 nearby.
recorded by draft spot gold to 1282. 67 dollars, Bai Yinlu 17. $32, platinum last at 976. The euro dollar, domestic gold close at 99 272. 5 yuan/grams, gold closed at 271 95. 40 yuan/grams, platinum 95 closed at 221. 50 yuan per gram.

1 second, the relevant market analysis. Peripheral markets
this week, the dollar index concussion rebound, but basically to continue in 95 a line under pressure; The federal reserve to keep interest rates unchanged this week meeting, tepid and statement after the meeting, make the dollar has tended to depress. At present, the main support mainly depends on the back of the $probability estimates.
this week, the U. S. stock market volatility fell, but after the fed kept interest rates, the us stock market rebound, the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected to cool, still be relatively attractive to capital stock.
this week, the price of crude oil has greatly callback, Iran's crude oil production increases, is expected to control to push above $50 a barrel of crude oil; If crude oil longer-term keep below $50 a barrel, U. S. inflation expectations or less, limit the fed to raise interest rates expected.
  2. Fund positions trend
on June 15, 2016, the world's largest Gold fund SPDR Gold Shares Gold holdings to 902. 53 tons, 8 increase from last weekend. 61 tons. With gold strong upward, gold ETF continues to flow into the fund this week, has risen to 2013 in October to the highest level. Total gold ETF holdings increased 29% to 1880 this year. 3 tons, is one of the largest increase since 7 years.
in the same period, Silver Silver fund Trust ( SLV) Silver holdings to 10661. 21 tons, an increase of 73 over the weekend. 92 tons. With the cooling, the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected SLV silver fund holdings are near record highs, apparently good silver city, but more than a single line do not recommend large holdings, market or will to raise interest rates again in September for the hype, the price to save a lot of uncertainty. Inventory

3, market on June 15th (Wednesday June 15) The fed kept interest rates unchanged, and cut its economic growth forecast, the 2016 GDP growth forecast 2. 2% down to 2%; In 2018 the federal funds rate is expected value 3% cut to 2. 4%.
yellen said in a news conference, chairman of the federal reserve, the current productivity growth is still faces many uncertainties, some factors are still affecting the low interest rates, low interest rates will continue for a period of time.
the next Zhou Chongyao events and data on June 21, the fed chairman yellen on the senate banking committee hearing a semi-annual monetary policy report to testify the
yellen, chairman of the federal reserve and Treasury secretary jack Lew to financial stability oversight council ( FSOC)
public meeting on June 23, British off the referendum. Beijing time 24 surf all polling stations will cease to vote, expected referendum results will be announced later.
5, and to the rich treasure
1. Gold
the fed to keep interest rates unchanged in June meeting resolution, and statement is soft, is widely expected, raise interest rates or be delayed to September. While Britain withdrew the referendum is uncertain, polls, the comprehensive institutions back the voting power slightly dominant; Local time Thursday, 41, a British opposition Labour mp Jo Cox West Yorkshire in northern England was shot, seriously injured died; Back and leave the camp to suspend campaign, based on the current polls, the risk is still larger. Gold is expected before the results come out, remain high strength.
  2. Silver
this week basically in the 17th. 5 - Between $18 under pressure, the current silver price movements mainly supported by the risk aversion and the gold and silver price comparison, short-term trend is still depends on the referendum result.
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