Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, DEHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

We professionally focus on research and development metal leaching reagent. Now our major products as below:

1. DZ988N/DZ973N/DZ902 copper solvent extraction reagent: Our Copper leaching reagents have good performance on copper leaching, use our reagent, the purity of cathode copper can over 99.9982%.

2. DZ272 nickel cobalt separation reagent: It can extract low grade Nickel Cobalt ore directly, the leaching step will be saved too much, the efficiency will be improved 200 times more than old process (P204, P507). We can provide the advanced leaching process technology to our user without any charge.

3. DZ-Ni-EX-01 & DZ-Ni-EX-02 is specially for Nickel extraction from Laterite.

4. P204 (DEHPA or HDEHP), this reagent has good ability for removing impurities in the process of extract nickel and cobalt.

5. Other extraction reagent for Vanadium extractant, Lithium extractant, Ferro extractant and rare earth extractant.

If you tell us the components of your ore, we can give you the suggestion of extraction process, and use which kind of extraction reagent.

Welcome to wholesale solvent for metal extraction and complexing agent from Deyuan.

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