CL-10 complexing agent for copper extraction system

CL-10 complexing agent for copper extraction system

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CL-10 complexing agent can separate the degraded organic phases in the extraction system, prevent these degradants to degrad the normal organic phase again, effectively reduce the viscosity of the organic phase, and recover the phase separation time to regular situation.

Color:  Gray

Status:  Powder

Decolorization rate %:   ≥70

Water w/%:   ≤10.0

Fineness (through 75μm sieve)w/%:  ≥85

Bulk density g/㎝3:  0.5~1.0

Heavy Metals (as Pb) ㎎/㎏:  ≤40

Total arsenic (As) ㎎/㎏:  ≤3

Instruction for using:

At beginning the phase separation is very difficult, even very long time, only separate a little (look at left picture).

When we put our CL-10 complex agent and mix them, the system was separated to organic phase, aqueous phase and degraded organic clearly (look at the right picture).

Then take out the degraded phase, look at the picture as blow:

The system was recovered to normal situation, phase sepatation very fast and clear: