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Purification process of Chinese herbal medicine Chinese medicine extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment craft: isolation and purification of Chinese herbal medicine herbal extract or extract is still a mixture, further to remove impurities, separation and purifying. Solvent extraction separation process is a kind of the extraction efficiency is higher, is based on traditional Chinese medicine extract components, choose different solvent for extraction and separation step by step. Selection of solvent, in turn, each of the components in the grass liquid extract, have been isolated in different polar solvents, since the Chinese herbal medicine to join another solvent extraction solution, precipitation of an element, or some, and precipitate or its impurities, is also the solvent separation method. Water extract of Chinese herbal medicine often contains gum, phlegm, such as protein, gelatinized starch, ethanol can be added, since to the composition of insoluble in ethanol solution precipitate out, and achieve the purpose of the separation of the other ingredients.
Chinese medicine extraction equipment used in the purification process of Chinese herbal medicine extraction method is the use of liquid mixture of various components in the solvent effect of two incompatible devices produced by the centrifugal force to separate the mixture or extraction. In order to meet the requirements of pharmacological effects, generally USES the countercurrent extraction in a row, the equipment series operation to achieve multi-level extraction and purification.
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