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Pushing the fed to postpone raising interest rates expected speculators zinc prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Last week weak U. S. jobs data, which leads to the fed to raise interest rates, speculators long closed up $20 plus CangZhiLun zinc, zinc prices are in the intersection, strong buyers wait-and-see, is expected today is zinc prices to rise

' Of zinc market] Last week's acquisition of zinc in 1972. 5 dollars/tons, Asian time low zinc volatility slightly to $1961, the stability shock rise, Europe and the United States time us non-farm payrolls data is weak, the dollar index fell, Aaron zinc extended gains to touch up to 2013 dollars/tons, plate moves along a daily line up, late pared some gains, eventually closed at $1998 / ton, up to 20. $5 / ton, or 1. Decreased 04%, volume 13758, 3319, 275697 an increase of 2044 holdings hands; Shanghai zinc main 1608 contract rose from 15580 yuan/ton, stability in early movements, as low as 15365 yuan/ton, up to 15630 yuan/ton, 15590 yuan/ton, rose 145 yuan/ton, or 0. 94%.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: tight trading range of zinc movements, the dollar index fell 1. Low 5% to three weeks, the federal reserve to raise interest rates early possibility is abate, markets wait-and-see strong spot zinc ingots, zinc prices are in the intersection, speculators due to shortage of supply is expected to appear or will continue to buy, zinc prices are still rising demand, forecast the spot market today zinc prices rose 300 yuan/tons.
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