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Rare earth industry will benefit policy support

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
Recently, the ministry of industry policy to support rare earth new materials, once again become a needle stimulants of rare earth industry. Since 2014, China's rare earth industry has also unveiled a number of policies and measures. In the industry point of view, to form the standard market order, it should let the market supply and demand determine the price and output. The most important thing is to set up similar to the London metal exchange such rare earth exchange, let the sunshine of fair, fair and open to decide the price of rare earth and production. Rare earth
2014 national standard system revision plans held a kick-off meeting for the
recently, organized by dilute the committee held a rare earths in 2014 national standard system revision program, a kick-off meeting for the ministry Gu Yinsong chief priests, xiao cold, director of the national standards committee and the national rare earth enterprises, research institutes, institutions of higher learning more than 40 representatives attended the meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by dilute Zhu Yuhua standard committee director.
in the meeting, the ministry Gu Yinsong secretary speech pointed out that national standard approved by the committee of the 17th national standard system revision task, and gave support to the national standard committee of rare-earth standards. To implement the State Council in 2011, the country is sent [ 21 】 Document spirit, and China's rare earth policy white paper, realize that the rare earth is non-renewable resources, only protect resources, protect the environment, to provide the sustainable development of resources; To strengthen supervision and management in accordance with the law and do a good job in 'three' : ', ZhiSan, fundamental governing revolution '; To face the existing problems and strengthen international cooperation, international efforts to improve standards.
the national standard committee director xiao cold and Zhu Yuhua speech emphasized three 'points' : 'point in time, views, node', emphasizes the need to finish the task according to schedule node with good quality, the standard and revising in principle should be enacted at the end of 12; Requirements and revising standard should be operable, both in line with international standards, and to consider the actual, makes a follow-up standards in accordance with the sex.
in the rare earth products brand representation ( Summary section) From the standard of 'baotou rare earth institute, kair institute, zhongke three-ring unit are discussed, such as based on the revised standard can � � � the popularization and application of the international standard, to better principle, reached a consensus.
in the task to carry out the link, baotou rare earth research institute will be responsible for drafting the rare earth waste residue and waste water chemical analysis method ( Part 5) 'The north ore section of the standard, at the same time, will attend the cerium magnesium alloy, the alloy neodymium praseodymium standard system revision work. ( China beneficiation technology network)
at present, the domestic has been set up mainly has three, rare earth products exchange is one of the most active south by rare earth products trading center. Since opening in January, the south by rare earth products trading center of 16 kinds of oxide daily turnover has increased from opening at the beginning of the hundreds of thousands of yuan to the current level of ten million yuan, by the end of August, clinch a deal amount more than $3. 1 billion. At present, the daily turnover has stabilized at about 40 million yuan, on August 21, but also on $92. 35 million since the opening of a turnover in a single day. ( China news network)
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