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RDC series rotary extraction tower has been the industry wide attention

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Rotary extraction tower belongs to the mechanical stirring extraction tower, the rotating disc tower for liquid-liquid extraction operation, two do countercurrent flow of liquid in the tower, one of the dispersed phase, phase liquid do another kind of continuous phase in the form of drops through the liquid, the concentration of the two kinds of liquid do differential expression of continuous variation within the device, and depend on the density difference between the ends of the tower to achieve separation of the two phases. When light phase as the dispersed phase, the phase interface appear in the top of the tower; On the other hand, when the heavy phase as the dispersed phase, the phase interface appear in the bottom of the tower.
product structure diagram

rotary table structure and working principle of extraction tower:
consists of three parts: the clarification, mixing section, under the clarification section. Which mixed section is a cylinder shape, internal by static ring baffles are divided into a series of extraction chamber, between two static ring baffle is fixed wheel, and together with the stirring shaft rotation. At work, variable speed motor starts, the heavy phase ( Water phase) And the light phase ( Organic phase) From the top and bottom to enter respectively, in the tower countercurrent contact. Under the fixed wheel agitation, the dispersed phase formation of small droplets, increase the mass transfer area, after completing the process of extraction, light and heavy phase respectively from the top and bottom out.
rotary extraction Tate point overview
1. Beautiful appearance, simple structure, easy to operate and large elasticity of operation, large flux;
    2. Processing capacity big, suitable for continuous production;
    3. Level of high efficiency, small amount of solvent retention;
    4. Mass transfer speed, not easy emulsification;
    5. Wide application material surface;
    6. Cover an area of an area small, low maintenance cost;
compared with mixer settler, extraction tower has the advantages of:

1. Operation cost is low;
    2. Plant layout is simple, a simple set of multistage tower can replace some mixer settler;
    3. Save a large number of pumps, pipes, mixer, tub and control equipment;
    4. Requirements of the solvent to reduce about 50%;
    5. Closed system can make the equipment running at high temperatures, can reduce evaporation of the solvent and oxidation;
    6. Extraction efficiency and selectivity of help reduce extraction time;

rotary extraction tower applications
1. Hydrometallurgy ( The separation of heavy metals, rare earth metal)
    2. The nuclear industry ( The extraction of uranium)
    3. Biological engineering ( Nutrient solution, interferon, organic acid in the fermented liquid extraction)
    4. The food industry, Cooking oil, food, pigment, additives such as extraction)
    5. The environmental protection industry ( Removing phenol wastewater)
    6. Industrial production ( Furfural extraction, propane deasphalting, nickel and cobalt separation, etc. )
RDC series rotary technology parameter extraction tower


the tower diameter mm

mixed flux L/h

high mm power kw

RDC - 60


0~1. 5


0. 06

RDC- 100


1. 5~7


0. 18

RDC- 300




0. 37

RDC- 500


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