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Recycle phenol extraction technology and technical equipment selection

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
Phenol extraction main from chemical waste water recycling, common chemical plant in the production and processing will produce large amounts of phenol wastewater. Such a high content of phenol wastewater is toxic, if direct emissions, will cause great pollution to the environment, at the same time is also a kind of resources waste, therefore, how to recycle phenol, wastewater effective treatment is the enterprise urgent need to deal with.

in chemical, phenol wastewater treatment method are many, many enterprises in the initial treatment when using formaldehyde, but the method is of high cost, complex operation, easy to cause secondary pollution. With the development of technology, solvent extraction are widely used in the phenol extraction recovery began.

solvent extraction is extracting agent in phenol from wastewater recycling, simple and convenient operation, extraction solvent was cheap, high extraction efficiency at the same time, the waste water after treatment can be directly into the biochemical processing.

company before receiving a chemical factory consultation, the enterprise has a phenol waste water to deal with, in the waste water containing phenol and acetone, the early stage of the customer by way of evaporation remove acetone, first need to recycle phenol extraction. Before the customers is the way of using formaldehyde, question is more, so want to technological upgrading, operated by solvent extraction, using methylene chloride extraction phenol, hope our company process and equipment selection are presented.

in combination with the actual situation of the customer, our company experiments were carried out for the customer, choose CWL50 - experimental equipment M experimental centrifugal extraction machine, choose dichloromethane extraction agent, through many times experiment data show that recycle solvent extraction of phenol extraction effect is remarkable, high extraction rate, simple operation, comprehensive cost is reduced greatly.

CWL50 - M experimental machine is my company independent research and development production of centrifugal extraction experimental extraction equipment, mainly used for small experiment, for clients to get accurate data, facilitate the late operation of industrial equipment. Through the experiment, the customer is satisfied with the results, and the company signed a industrial production line, and have been put into use, the equipment operation stability.

centrifugal extraction solvent extraction machine is a common equipment operation, compared with other traditional centrifugal extraction machine equipment, the working principle of the distinction that having essence. Centrifugal extraction machine rely on centrifugal force quickly mix two phase separation, mixing and mass transfer speed, high extraction efficiency, is widely applied to many fields. Such as the need to learn more about centrifugal extraction machine working principle and operation process, can contact online customer service, the whole solution for you!
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