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Research of extraction and purification of preparation of high purity vanadium electrolyte

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Nearly 20 years vanadium market price is not stable, the highest in 480000, the lowest in 50000, the total vanadium oxide also influent flow battery has a clean, efficient, safe, long life and other advantages, is mainly used in wind power, solar energy storage and peak shaving plant.

vanadium electrolyte is a key part of the vanadium battery, its performance directly determines the performance and cycle of vanadium battery service life. Vanadium in vanadium electrolyte concentration, however, high acidity and purity requirements, general need complex preparation process, largely limits the large-scale application of vanadium battery. So, how to efficient preparation of high-purity vanadium electrolyte become the key to this new type of energy storage technology research.

how to preparation of high purity vanadium electrolyte?

at present in the production of vanadium electrolyte two main methods for electrolytic method and chemical method, chemical method with high purity vanadium pentoxide ( V2O5> 99。 9%) As the raw material ( First the alloy V2O5 ( 97% - 98%) Through a series of purification steps were high purity V2O5) , USES the sulfuric acid dissolving high purity V2O5, preparation of SO2 reducing agent such as reduction, the preparation of the electrolyte concentration is low. Electrolytic process is with high purity vanadium pentoxide ( V2O5> 99。 9%) As raw material, and then high purity V2O5 by sulfate pulping after electrochemical reduction, the preparation period is longer, large energy consumption, large scale applications.

is there a better way?

in fact, in view of the vanadium electrolyte preparation process is complex, high cost problem, solvent extraction with sodium roasting vanadium leaching liquid as raw material, using acidic phosphonic type extraction agent, through acidification - Reduction - Extraction - Reverse extraction 'step purification, has realized the efficient preparation of high-purity vanadium electrolyte, simple steps, strong controllability.

it is reported, using the method of solvent extraction from vanadium in vanadium leaching liquid has a lot of research work, and successfully applied to industrial production, proved solvent extraction has obvious advantages, mainly including: balance speed, good separation effect FF0C processing capacity, the vanadium recovery rate is high, the extraction solvent can be recycled, low production cost, product purity is up to 99. 9%, large upfront investment, easy to operate, stable, high degree of automation.

zhengzhou days extracting centrifugal machine is a new type of fast and efficient liquid-liquid extraction separation equipment, it has to do with the traditional extraction equipment such as mixer settler, extraction tower and so on have substaintial distinction on the working principle. Centrifugal extraction machine is the use of motor drive the high-speed rotating drum, two phase liquid in the drum under the action of shear force and centrifugal force produced by the rotation of complete mixing and separation.
   CWL- M series centrifugal extraction machine's main parts:

1, hanging device: adopt unique hanging structure, turn when rotating at high speed centrifugal extraction machine can automatically adjust to find the center of gravity, solved the problem of the running balance.

2, drum, the drum is the core of the machine parts, complete the introduction of the mixed liquid after centrifugation and separation of two phase fluid export, drum materials in addition to have good corrosion resistance, but also has high mechanical strength,. This series of centrifugal extraction machine drum adopt the way of overall molding auxiliary materials production, satisfied the corrosion, mechanical strength, the strict requirements of dynamic balance, etc.

3, mixing device, in order to reduce the power consumption, at the same time guarantee the mixing effect of mass transfer, my company developed a new type mixing device ( Patent no. : 2014202173566) , the device in improving single extraction rate at the same time, can effectively prevent extraction system appear emulsifying phenomenon.

new. cwl - The main characteristic of M type centrifugal extraction machine:

1, low power consumption: in guarantee under the condition of extraction rate and the separation effect, new. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine motor power is greatly reduced, the power consumption of about a quarter is the traditional centrifugal extraction machine;

2, no vulnerable parts: new centrifugal extraction machine to use hanging structure, cancel the machine seal at the bottom of the traditional models, so as to thoroughly solve the traditional models, leakage at the bottom of the machine, the seal;

3, the operation is simple: the beginning of the new type of centrifugal extraction machine from the design of the body simplified, make the operation more simple, run more smoothly;

4, adjustable mixed structures: can according to the material liquid is a new type of centrifugal extraction machine matching, adjust the mixing mechanism, change the mixing intensity, avoid the material liquid emulsification;

5, heavy phase weir easy change: new centrifugal extraction machine shell is equipped with heavy phase weir version change window, equipment without ripping machine can replace the heavy phase weir, easy to operate, and can effectively avoid destroying the equipment of dynamic balance.
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