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Review: copper copper confined by Chinese manufacturing data is expected

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: the dollar rally is slowing, copper dip rebounded closed up $10, back to bring uncertainty to the British economic outlook in Europe, the s&p credit rating downgrade Britain and the European Union, Shanghai stock market sentiment back to caution, this is copper or small down. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. Back at high $
in the international market, evening copper dip rebounded, high $4847 $4865 $4805 low opening, closing up $10, 327553 holdings of an increase of 1564 hands, volume 20034 hands.

the London metal exchange on June 30, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 2675 metric tons to 191525 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than for 28. 63%.

in the domestic market opened today in Shanghai and now, 1607 contracts opened the current month of 37540 yuan, up 110 yuan, 9:10 contract offer 1607, 37350 yuan in Shanghai copper fell 80 yuan; Britain withdrew the global economic outlook, the uncertainty factors of heating up again the s&p has downgraded credit rating to AA Britain and the European Union; The latest China June official manufacturing PMI fell to 50, 50 less than expected. 1, but four months is higher than the vicissitudes line; On the gas market bad news surface increases, Shanghai cautious, is expected to spot copper fell today.

hot financial information
1. The labor department on Thursday, according to data released last week jobless benefits increased, but still at historically low levels. Data show that by the end of the week of June 25, jobless claims seasonally adjusted after an increase of 10000 to 268000, slightly higher than the market had previously forecast of 265000 people.

2. Cut the rating in three days later, the s&p and the eu's credit rating by the AA + to AA at the same level with England. S&p believes that the referendum last week decided to back down the eu financial flexibility, undermine its political cohesion. But the s&p is not expected to have other withdrawal from the eu member states, the eu's outlook rise to stable.
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