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Review: lead smelters to shut down or inhibit lead prices decline

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 By a stronger dollar and a drop in oil prices, the overnight outside dish metal lower, Aaron lead down 2. 26% below the $1800 support level, short-term market sentiment, this spot is expected to lead down slightly.

【 Lead futures market 】 London lead to open in 1837 dollars/tons, zinc plate with Aaron, Asian trading center of gravity to maintain time Aaron lead in 1840 dollars/tons, afternoon center of gravity, slow down, Europe and the United States by the stronger dollar and a drop in oil prices, Aaron lead hitting lows of $1791 / ton, all the way back rebound slightly, to close at 1797. 5 dollars/ton, down 41. $5 or 2. Increased by 26%, volume 3404, 662 hand, holdings of 119369 an increase of 1083 hands; Shanghai lead main 1609 contract opened 13710 yuan/ton, Shanghai opening lead fluctuate in 13715 yuan/ton 13765 yuan/ton, between 23:00 hitting a low of 13645 yuan/ton at night, late at around 13680 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 13665 yuan/ton, down 110 yuan, or 0. Decreased 8%, volume 8122, 13116, 23382 holdings reduce 540 hands.

( ) Today's spot price quotation forecast:, dragged down by a stronger dollar and a drop in oil prices double overnight outside dish metal lower, night Shanghai main lead 1609 shakeouts. At present domestic lead smelters shutdown overhaul, lead prices fall or limited, forecast today lead spot prices fell slightly.
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