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Ricinoleic acid solvent containing phenol wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
Kwai diacid by general ricinoleic acid as raw material, sodium phenol or JiaFen sodium as catalyst and cracking at high temperatures, followed in the process to produce large amounts of phenol wastewater concentration is about 3000 mg/L, to take advantage of ricinoleic acid solvent process recycling phenol wastewater containing phenol or cresol, the domestic some kwai diacid manufacturer of household castor oleic acid as the extractant, the ( Extraction tank) Mixer settler or centrifugal extraction machine ricinoleic acid solvent containing phenol wastewater treatment process.
running results show that although ricinoleic acid phenol has higher distribution coefficient ( The distribution coefficient of cresol 50) But because of difficult to clarify points in the process of operation, castor oil the entrainment of backmixing phenomena caused by wastewater treatment effect is not ideal, phenol content in the raffinate is above 100 mg/L, this process has the advantage that you don't have to reverse extraction, simple process, less investment, and can recycle most of phenolic wastewater, reduce the cost of kwai diacid so using ricinoleic acid solvent containing phenol wastewater treatment process is a kind of handling method of adjust measures to local conditions. Source:
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