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Rising prices, review: 8 afternoon shall maintain wait-and-see

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
International market: U. S. stocks fell on investors into the market enthusiasm, today's aluminum fell slightly, support on below $1700. Beijing time alone, LME3 three-month aluminum $1743, the last trading day down $8 per ton.

the Yangtze aluminum mesh ( alu。 。 cn) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 1911 contracts opened 13995 yuan, main month low intraday high of 14020 yuan, 13950 yuan, close to 13960 in late, than the previous trading day up 5 yuan/ton. China and the United States this week to restart a new round of trade negotiations, market sentiment began to recover, today Shanghai aluminum modestly, afternoon shall maintain wait-and-see.

the spot market: the Yangtze river the spot transaction price of 14040 - today 14080 yuan/ton, up 70 yuan/ton; Guangdong south store at 14000 - 14100 yuan/ton, rose 60 yuan/ton; China reported 14140 - 14160 yuan/ton, up 70 yuan/ton; Stock clinch a deal the average price in 14040 - at home 14080 yuan/ton. Today is aluminum rose slightly, the grocers are pretty price, downstream enterprise procurement fair, clinch a deal the general market.

news both at home and abroad:

1, according to Ms. Luo mining ( 地铁矿业) Thanks to yield a good harvest in September, is expected to hit the year 3300 - company 3500 tons of bauxite production targets.

2, the united Arab emirates aluminum company in the world ( 酋长国全球铝PJSC EGA) Said recently that its Al Taweelah smeltery since its launch in April, alumina production has reached 600000 tons.

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