Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, DEHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

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Sales agent wanted all over the world

Sales agent wanted all over the world


We want to find the engineers of wet metallurgy joint us to promote our metal leaching agent, because the production is very professional, if is very difficult for us to communicate with customer, even technology or language, especially spanish country, will be more difficult to do business.

As an engineer of this industry, you understand the technology, can easy to understand and believe our products, and you can easy to explain to your customer, they also believe you and your professional technology, plus you can easy to do laboratory test to them and solve their problem face to face, it will be more easy for you to sell our products.

We have DZ988N copper solvent extraction reagent, DZ973N copper extractent, DZ902 copper leaching agent, DZ88 ketoxime extractant, CL-10 complexing agent; DZ272 nickel cobalt separation reagent, DZ-Ni-EX01 & DZ-Ni-EX02 laterite nickel ore extraction reagent; P204 zinc and impuries removing reagent; Rare earth leaching solvent etc.

Welcome to join us, you can get rich commission and have good cooperation to us.


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