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Salt lake lithium boron extraction technology and equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
Zhengzhou extraction in salt lake brine as raw material, adopting the new solvent extraction and process technology, combined with efficient corrosion resistant centrifugal extraction are the key equipment, developed the environment friendly, products of good quality, low running cost of boron and lithium industrial automatic production line.

1, the principle of boron, lithium extraction process flow diagram

2, boron, lithium extraction production line process characteristics

( 1) The new extractant poorly soluble in water, green pollution-free, recycling performance good
( 2) Extraction ability, large distribution ratio, high separation factor, less series;
  ( 3) Organic phase and water phase, they have the entrainment of layered and emulsification;
  ( 4) Small extraction, extraction agent less investment, low operating costs;
  ( 5) Product yield, high purity and good economic benefit.

3, extracting new type centrifugal machine equipment performance

( 1) Equipment capacity, low power consumption, The same processing conditions, its power consumption is a traditional annular structure of centrifugal extraction machine - 1/10 A third) ;
  ( 2) Hanging on the single fulcrum structure, no at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, free maintenance;
  ( 3) Corrosion resistance is strong, can achieve continuous operation and intermittent operation;
  ( 4) Combined structure is optional, can be applied to easily emulsifying system;
  ( 5) High degree of automation, good operating environment, etc. ;
  ( 6) Simple structure, strong stability.

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