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Sank without ammonium vanadium from the vanadium shale operating new technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Vanadium is a silvery white metal, high melting point, often with niobium, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum and difficult of molten metal. Metal vanadium is malleable, quality of a material is solid. With the development of technology for metal vanadium, has metal vanadium has been widely used in industrial, aerospace, chemical, batteries, paint, glass, optics, medicine and so on many fields.

vanadium are widely distributed, content also is more, but for metal vanadium extraction technology has been in the stage of research. Traditional vanadium shale v extraction process is mainly the ore roasting, leaching, and then purify enrichment, and then sank to vanadium calcination. The process of concrete operation principle is roasting vanadium mineral structure in the ore, and then through the leaching of vanadium transfer of the mineral to the liquid phase, and purification of enrichment, realize the vanadium concentration and impurity removal, heavy vanadium hydrolysis technology tradition is using heavy vanadium or ammonium salt vanadium. The operating process is complicated, the operation of trouble, and vanadium impurities, the purity is not high.

with the development of technology, a new extraction technology of vanadium was born - - No ammonium vanadium. The new operation process is to use no heavy vanadium ammonium vanadium pentoxide production. The acid leaching process is the ore, vanadium element transfer in the liquid phase, and then use the suitable extraction solvent for extraction, four valence vanadium extraction section were concluded, and then to get pentavalent vanadium oxide, forming a pentavalent vanadium supersaturated system, precipitation and crystallization of vanadium acid polymer. The subsequent section will add new precipitator reverse extraction solution were - Continue to precipitate sodium carbonate solution, and finally forms vanadium pentoxide.

novel vanadium ammonium no sink operation process in the production process of the operation is simple, the vanadium high purity, less impurities, in the heart of the future development is the main operating vanadium shale v process. The operation process of extraction and reverse extraction section can be used in a centrifugal extraction machine, effectively increase the vanadium extraction rate, effectively guarantee the whole section. If want to learn more about centrifugal extraction machine without operating principles and process of vanadium ammonium sink, can contact extraction technology co. , LTD. Zhengzhou days!

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