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Sebacic acid production wastewater treatment Removing phenol wastewater phenol pretreatment process equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Sebacic acid use

sebacic acid is the synthetic industrial plastic nylon 410, 610, 810, l000 and dioctyl ester lubricant and dibutyl of important chemical raw material, also can be used as a hardy plasticizer, resin and other materials.

in the industrial production of sebacic acid high concentration phenol wastewater are

using castor oil hydrolytic decomposition method in the production of sebacic acid is widely used in our country now production process, this process requires using cresol as diluent, cracking, neutralization, acidification and sebacic acid. Normally, 1 t per production will produce 40 - sebacic acid products 50 m after waste water, waste water quality concentration phenol in the 2000 mg/L, can be up to 500 mg/with high COD concentration is about 5000 mg/L, the quality of the pH value is generally to 1. 8 - 2. 3. Waste water containing phenol, salts and organic matter, water complex.

sebacic acid production wastewater phenol in addition of phenol technology introduction

zhengzhou days extraction customers preferred a using complexation extraction process was studied in the production of sebacic acid process of wastewater containing phenol, obtained the good application effect. With the TBP, kerosene and N - for the process Mixed solvent composed of 235 as extraction agent, to a certain concentration of alkali solution as extraction agent, using. cwl - M series centrifugal extraction machine, by means of multi-stage extraction and reverse extraction combined with some phenol content of waste water containing phenol is greatly reduced, dropped below 200 mg/L, in order to meet the requirements of the subsequent biochemical treatment process, at the same time of phenolic substances in waste water recycling.

by reverse extraction process can be effective extractant recycling and reuse, reduce the cost of wastewater treatment.

in addition of phenol wastewater equipment for the production of sebacic acid - — Centrifugal extraction machine introduction

the key equipment of solvent extraction is a centrifugal extraction machine. Sebacic acid production process of waste water containing phenol, extraction water phase typically contains strong corrosive inorganic acid such as hydrochloric acid and various solvents, these factors determine the centrifugal extraction machine must have large quantity, resistant to acid and solvent corrosion, low energy consumption, etc. Extract the. cwl - zhengzhou days M type centrifugal extraction machine fully meet the above requirements.

extraction using. cwl - zhengzhou days M type centrifugal extraction machine: 1, the material for polymer composite fluorine material, resistant to strong acid alkali and organic solvent corrosion; 2, no at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, no leakage risk; 3, reduce energy consumption by more than 70%, energy conservation and environmental protection; 4, covers an area of less, the worker labor intensity is small operation.

removing phenol wastewater containing phenol project case

extraction company for the design of a pharmaceutical factory in henan province zhengzhou days in the treatment of wastewater containing phenol project, phenol extraction to obtain good effect.

  【 Raw water index] : PH value of 9. 0, phenol concentration is 3500 - 7300 mg/L, the quality of the COD concentration is 5000 - 14000mg/L
  【 Processing power 】 : 50 cubic/day
' Extraction equipment selection 】 : extraction CWL350 - M( HF) Two centrifugal extraction and reverse extraction section CWL350 - 3 M centrifugal extraction machines
' Extraction process design 】 :

graph: secondary extraction + three-stage extraction process design
' Extraction conditions for 】 :
the results showed that the centrifugal extraction machine processing operation condition of wastewater containing phenol as: two levels of countercurrent extraction temperature is 70 ℃, compared to 1:3, the total flow of 500 ml/min. Three-stage countercurrent extraction temperature is 70 ℃, compared to 20: I, the total flow of 250 ml/min.
  【 Water discharged 】 More than: after treatment, the water quality concentration phenol was lowered to 18. 05mg/L. , removing phenol rate reached 99. 44%, the COD concentration was lowered to lO5. 21mg/L。

the centrifugal extraction machine processing the pharmaceutical factory, wastewater containing phenol extraction zhengzhou days the technological methods to solve the traditional process and equipment of high energy consumption, poor corrosion resistance and difficult problems such as maintenance, greatly reducing the phenol wastewater treatment costs, is a kind of green environmental protection of wastewater treatment process, has the very good market prospect.
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