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Security environmental protection ideas education activities began in 2019

by:Deyuan      2020-07-28
Ann throughout all born | | production | | | | have | life first wake-up call in the near future, more production accidents, casualties and property losses, a wake-up call for us again, strengthen management, improve employee safety environmental protection consciousness is more important. Security environmental protection ideas education activities officially start raising awareness, keep in mind the security environmental protection line in order to strengthen the safety environmental protection consciousness, safety in production work earnestly, on May 24, the company '2019 safety environmental thought education activities' can. The meeting shall be presided over by Eileen organizations and vice general manager, active theme of 'safe production, everyone duty'. Each department head, supervisors, technical backbone to participate in the can. Zhang presided over condition monitor, workshop director represented at the conference room, safe environmental protection of security at the meeting, deputy general manager, director of environmental protection work published their own views, and conducted. General manager Li Chaoliang also puts forward specific requirements on the event, require all employees unified thought, raise awareness, put in place, the real security environmental protection work as company's priority to grasp. Speak to li xu speak on behalf of the security ministry spokesman foreman a monitor on behalf of the speech
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