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Sending warnings to three big domestic futures exchange or zinc prices continued to fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Sending 12 tokens to three big domestic futures exchange cooling commodity hype, quadruple Yin fell 35 dollars overnight Aaron zinc, zinc buyers cautious wait-and-see, zinc prices or still has to fall, this is zinc prices

' Of zinc market] Aaron zinc opened at $1903 / ton, the plate of little trading. Into Europe and the United States time, after the attack on two pieces of daily average lines are lost, back down to under 1900 dollars/ton level, eventually closed at $1872 / ton, down $35 per ton. Volume was fair 10281, small holdings down 416 hands to 27. 20000 hands. Shanghai zinc main 1606 contracts in 15080 yuan/ton, opening more empty around 20, five thousand mark for the low hit 14930 yuan/ton, long-short deadlock finally closed at 15000 yuan/ton, down 165 yuan/ton. The main contract volume shrinkage to 14. 80000 hand, holdings fall 2116 to 16. 10000 hands.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: commodities and crazy after the outbreak last week, three big domestic futures exchange repeating 12 tokens cool commodity hype, zinc price highs, long-short game still inches, consumers have different views on afternoon, short-term or zinc prices continued to fall, forecast the spot market today zinc prices fell 150 yuan/tons.
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