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Separation and extraction process of tubular centrifuge

by:Deyuan      2021-03-05

Extraction is a commonly used unit operation in chemical engineering, and it is also an important method for the separation and purification of biological substances using centrifuges. It plays an important role in the extraction of materials in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, hydrometallurgical industry, nuclear industry, and environmental protection and pollution control. Especially in the production of antibiotics, tube centrifuges are widely used due to their excellent separation performance. Extraction is a method in which a selected solvent is added to a mixture containing the target product, and the target components are separated according to the different solubility of different components in the mixture in the solvent. The selected solvent is called the extractant, and the extractive liquid phase with the sludge in the extraction background is called the raffinate, and the liquid phase of the raw material that leaves after contact with the extractant is called the raffinate.

Extraction is a kind of primary separation technology. Using the role of extractant, the tube centrifuge converts the more difficult-to-separate mixture into the easier-to-separate mixture. It does not complete the separation task of the target product itself, but obtains the enrichment target. A homogeneous mixture of products. To obtain the target product or recover the extractant, other unit operations such as distillation and evaporation are needed to complete. With the development of various disciplines, some new extraction methods have emerged, such as supercritical fluid extraction, aqueous two-phase extraction, reverse micelle extraction, ultrasonic assisted extraction, microwave assisted extraction, etc., making the scope of extraction and separation more and more The more it comes, the higher the extraction selectivity and the higher the extraction efficiency.

Tubular centrifuge is a kind of high-speed precision separation equipment, which can affect the separation effect of the equipment. In addition to the production precision of the equipment and the superiority of the material, it also includes adjustment of the corresponding separation factor during the separation operation, and the pretreatment of the material. aspect.
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