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Several pounds after the flash crash, you must understand the European model

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
In early trading sterling unexpected flash crash, tumbled more than 10% within two minutes, liquidity instantaneous evaporation. There are analysis about Britain's recent do soft, think everything is & other; Hard back throughout Europe &; To blame.

at present, the media has a large number of proposed & other; Hard back throughout Europe &; And & other Soft throughout Europe & back; The said. But in fact, Britain withdrew the isn't a & other; Black and white & throughout; The break, but there are a lot of grey areas. Is not only how to retreat, retreat the timing, the whole back the negotiations will last long, if you need some transitional arrangements, as well as when to start the Article 50, in what way will affect the British finally leave the eu.

leading European independent think-tank & other; Open throughout Europe &; ( 欧洲开放) Co-head of Raoul Ruparel analysis, according to the British back Europe may have the following several kinds of forms:

very tough back o & ndash; — Article 50 (Britain will direct start Or as some people argued directly recovery act 1972) 。 Britain will not to negotiate, and the European Union on any new agreement with the flow of trade between the eu will fully follow the WTO rules.

hard back o & ndash; — Britain will start Article 50 in the short term, and reached to achieve flexibility in the smallest degree of free trade agreements. The British tend to use after some of the fta model, focus on the most basic points, such as lower tariffs and trade, but the agreement does not include services.

moderately Europe & ndash; — Britain will timely start Article 50, but will wait until after Britain and other countries are fully prepared. This may be in the first half of next year, or in France and Germany after the presidential election. This is mainly for the UK for a comprehensive, broader free trade agreement, can make the UK in goods and services are implemented with the eu regulations and cooperation on product standards.

soft back o & ndash; — Britain will join the European economic area (like Norway EEA) 。 This means that the UK will continue to stay in a single market, but it will lose the change of market rules.

soft back o & ndash; — Britain will not join the EEA, will also seek to stay within the customs union.
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