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Several typical antibiotics extraction and solvent extraction of refined

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Several typical antibiotics extraction and solvent extraction of refined description

antibiotic production 1. Antibiotics production of raw materials: the production of raw materials mainly for food products, in the process of production, raw material is used up big, only a few into products and be used for microbial life activities, most are still in wastewater. The sources of the waste water are mainly concentrated in junction in the mother liquor.
    2. Antibiotics production methods, production method mainly has the following kinds.
     a. Biological fermentation, such as the production of penicillin, streptomycin, midecamycin, lincomycin, terramycin, four that element, gentamycin, spiramycin, vitamin C, etc.
     b. Chemical synthesis, such as production of chloramphenicol.
     c. Half a chemical synthesis method: such as doxycycline is made of terramycin again through chemical synthesis method.
    3. Antibiotics production process: the production process including microbial fermentation and filtration. Crystallization, extraction, chemical extraction, refining, etc. In addition, in order to improve the effectiveness, will also be fermentation method, antibiotics using chemical, biological or biochemical methods for molecular structure transformation and made all sorts of derivatives, namely semisynthetic antibiotics. After the production process of machining process includes organic synthesis unit operation, water may discharge other degrees, such as ampicillin is half a synthetic 靑 toxins. Those who are in low concentrations, but can only be chemically synthesized chemotherapy drugs, such as antifungal clotrimazole, does not fall within the scope of antibiotics.
    4. Antibiotics production steps: production mainly through the following steps: strains to develop a filtering fermented liquid from the filtrate extracted antibiotic substances and refined, drying and packing of the products.
several antibiotic production technology introduction
the following traditional penicillin, terramycin, gentamicin and adoption of products at the beginning of terramycin synthesis doxycycline production technology were briefly introduced.
1。 Production of penicillin, penicillin and cephalosporin class lactam antibiotics is the main representative using solvent extraction on the extraction of penicillin and more refined.
    a. The production process. Seed preparation training, glycerol, glucose medium composed of spore production per ton medium inoculation amount to no less than 20 billion robes that received with glucose, lactose, and corn starch as the medium level inside the tank to breed. Level 1 seed cultivation, 10% quantity of planted to secondary breeding with glucose corn starch as the medium tank, and can be used as the seed of fermentation tank.
    b. The fermentation production. Fermentation with starch hydrolysis sugar or glucose as carbon source, peanut meal, bone powder, such as urea, ammonium nitrate, cottonseed cake powder as nitrogen source, inorganic salts, including sulphur, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium salts, etc. Penicillin fermentation to phenylacetic acid and benzene acetamide as precursor of fermented liquid, the temperature for 26 ℃ and 24 ℃, aeration stirring.
    c. The extraction and refining of penicillin. Extracted from fermented liquid penicillin, multi-purpose solvent extraction, after a few repeated extraction, can achieve the purpose of purification and enrichment; In addition, also can use ion exchange or precipitation. Due to the uncertain nature of penicillin extraction and refining process into a whole in fast under low temperature, and pay attention to clean, and keep in a stable pH range.

2. Terramycin production: terramycin production is typical of a biological process, is cracked chain thermosphacta fermentation extract, three production process:

a. Seed development
b. Will all kinds of culture medium and fermentation seed in the generator, oxygen, mixing reaction,
c. After extracting substance added to sulfuric acid fermentation acidification, yellow prussiate and zinc sulfate flocculation to remove protein, after the filtration, adsorption of crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, packaging into finished products.
3。 Gentamicin production: gentamycin is a kind of alkaline water-soluble antibiotics, it is by the color of small single spore bacteria and small spines spore single spore bacteria fermentation production of a kind of broad spectrum antibiotics, amino sugar production high points extraction with solvent extraction method, and for a long time, low fermentation unit. After fermentation material then through two-step processing finished product:
a. With hydrochloric acid neutralization after acidification, add the resin adsorption,
b. Material fat desorption, desorption liquid evaporation after purification, decolorization, filtration, drying and packing into finished products.
4。 Doxycycline production: doxycycline is � � � terramycin, oxytetracycline as raw material, is a semisynthetic antibiotics, its production process includes four steps: -
   a. Mr Chlorinated process into chlorinated terramycin;
   b. Dehydration chlorinated content to be included in the hydrogen fluoride removal of hydrogen and oxygen dehydrated material, then add on toluene sulfonic acid generated for toluene sulfonate;
   c. P-toluene sulfonate with hydroxyl and sulfosalicylic acid salt, then react with hydrochloric acid ethanol to produce semi-finished products,
d. Semi-finished products via tianjin, decoloring, filtration, crystallization, drying, packaging is the finished product.
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