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Shanghai copper metal extraction solution trading center in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
China, according to the dollar, China imports fell by 12 July. 5%, losses; Exports fell by 4. 4%, the decline is slowing. Analysis, according to the declining exports showed weak external demand, at the same time imports was expanded again renewed concerns about China's domestic demand. In addition, the decline in Chinese exports to Hong Kong to 9. 3%.
LME3 yesterday on copper, opening at $4789, from the low $4789 rise in pulse, wide range, then evening after reach the highest point 4842 dollars down, closed at $4809, up $13, or 0. 27%, reducing 1501 holdings to 35. 60000 hands. Yesterday evening in Shanghai even 1610 contracts, opened in 37560 yuan, after the opening shock rise high diving down after 37760 yuan, and hitting a low of 37440 yuan, then stabilized rebound and range, finally closing at 37570 yuan, rose 60 yuan, or 0. An additional 3960 to 235374 hand 16%, position. 37000 - is expected to shock interval 38000 yuan. Spot copper:

yesterday Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot copper main clinch a deal in 37440 - in the morning 37650 yuan/ton, falling on a weekday, 25 litres in c40 - discount B170 yuan, falling on a weekday 25 yuan. Market supply slightly loose from last week today, smooth water supply of copper significantly increased, a good supply of copper is slightly better, reflect on the liter discount for copper fell, premium traders shipment to give priority to. Sell good copper smelter small amounts. Weak downstream demand, but due to the decline in copper prices, manufacturers the dips procurement, on-demand is given priority to, the overall trading situation improvement from last week. Good afternoon liter discount is slightly lower in the morning, copper in b120 - B140 yuan, the past decade the b20 - brass B40 yuan, wet the c60 - copper C50 yuan. Extract solution according to Shanghai metal trading center survey, most traders fall view, a small number of traders take shock view. C50 - discount is expected to rise B150 yuan.
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