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Shanghai lead back downstream wait-and-see mood again

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
today lead fell slightly. High opening at $1822, 0. $5, straight after opening to shock downward when near noon, afternoon continue to fall, at 15:00 in 1806. Falling $50, $15, or 0. 82%. Shanghai main lead 1609 month fell sharply, opened in 13945 yuan, after the opening range concussion, slightly higher, at noon on shock fall, late shakeouts, finally closed at 13805 yuan, down 145 yuan, or 1. 04%, the lowest 13775 yuan today, up to 14030 yuan, 724 holdings, hand to 2. 14. 52 million hand, volume 1. 14. 72 million hands. Spot market overview:

today Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center spot lead report in 13800 - in the morning Average price of 13950 yuan, compared with the previous trading day down 50 yuan/ton. Today in the Shanghai area sands lead 13920 - quotation 13950 yuan/ton, the Shanghai main 1608 contract premium near 100 yuan/ton, yuguang warehouse receipt to 30 yuan/ton, 1608 contract premium today, the spot price premium, trader's price is rised, downstream high fear, take goods not active, light volume.
【 Center point 】
today's domestic metal broadly weaker, Shanghai has dropped sharply in the main lead, eventually fell more than 1%, crude oil continued weakness, lead prices callback trend obviously, although this week opened the new highs, but then fell rapidly, the upward fatigue fade in, the spot market is quite price rised, but downstream has high price, wait-and-see sentiment strong, short-term lead prices to continue to go up.
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