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Shanghai metal nickel extraction solution trading center in early trading

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Acquisition of low nickel high open last week, early in the day at $10695, slightly after opening up to a maximum of $10720, after the shock, the city will be closed after the weak shocks, hit a minimum $10470 in the evening, the midnight again, closed at $10635, down $80, or 0. 75%, and an additional 833 to 7354 hand volume, open interest increased by 1903 to 26. 70000 hands. Late on Friday, the Shanghai main nickel concussion uplink, opened in 80680 yuan, after the opening shock down hit the lowest 79940 yuan, a slight concussion uplink after consolidation, the highest to 81400 yuan, 81290 yuan, 30 yuan, rising up to 0. 37 04%, volume reduction. From 60000 to 340594, holdings reduce 1740 to 314000 hands.

Friday trading center (Shanghai metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot nickel mainly deal interval in 80400 - in the morning 80700 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day rose 200 yuan/ton, in wuxi 1608 liter discount c100 contract - in the morning B200 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot nickel metal extraction solution index at 79381 points, a rise of 100 points in the last trading day. Market supply is adequate, traders generally delivery, ready for the downstream end of the month is less, the market trading. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution research results, some traders think the recent nickel prices shock.

【 Center point 】
on Friday, the dollar fell sharply, common wave red metal market, the environment minister, stop the Philippines since the Asia's largest producer of nickel laterite ore of nickel industry Manicani island outward transport of nickel ore, and said the future or shutting down more mines, nickel material supply tight pattern or worse. Short-term nickel warming potential is constant, the spot market sentiment is warmer, nickel short-term or run high and volatile, high position before attention.
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