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Shanghai metal trading center extraction solution of tin in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Tin short-term or shocks, the downstream consumption generally

the futures market overview:
acquisition of tin concussion uplink last week. Early in the day at $17790, back in early concussion and hit a low of 177
$35 in the day, and the city will be closed concussion uplink to top $17870, to $17855, up $100, or 0. 56%, volume increase 39 to 191 hand, 139 to 19320 hand more holdings. On Friday, the Shanghai low high tin main forces. Night opened at up to 120360 yuan, after the opening orders quickly reached the lowest 119320 yuan, after the rebound, as weak shocks, closed at 119940 yuan, down 590 yuan, down to zero. 49%, volume reduction of 4720 hands, 12914 holdings reduce 158 to 15434 hands. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution (last Friday The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot tin mainly deal in 120000 - in the morning 121500 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 250 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot tin metal extraction solution index in 120937. 5 PM, the last trading day down 187. 5. Tin concussion downlink Friday, smelters, delivery lead to market supply tight, while prices fell, but the downstream consumption still light, traders generally, delivery market clinch a deal the overall atmosphere insipid. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution results, tin or volatility in the short term.

【 Center point 】
the U. S. department of commerce according to the latest figures, the United States business inventories fell for the first time in five years, the United States in the second quarter GDP growth significantly less than expected, the yen rose gold and oil prices, commodity market as a whole, tin shock was weaker. Terms of fundamentals, last Friday the LME inventory by 40 tons, tin tin by inventory remains the same of the previous period, tin city continued tight supply situation, the market supply of goods, traders want to emotions, prices are still high; Technology on the stage of tin MACD Yin line slightly expanded, although the short-term momentum, but still below 20 daily average lines have support, is expected to run tin or volatility in the short term.
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