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Shanghai metal trading center lead extraction solution in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
the LME lead rose on Friday. Opened in 1803 dollars, fell slightly in the day, and the sudden rise in late night, closed at $1826, rose 18. $50, or 1. 02%, volume 4543 hands.
Shanghai main lead 1609 contracts on Friday night rally at a record high. Opened in 13800 yuan, rose 25 yuan, a short period of time after opening higher, intraday dip to 13745 yuan, late back to average near, finally closed at 13825 yuan, up 115 yuan, or 0. 84%, up to 13945 yuan, 13745 yuan, the lowest volume of 8892 hands.
the spot market overview:
Shanghai metal extraction solution last week trading center spot lead report in 13180 - in the morning On the average price of 13700 yuan, compared with a la rose. Trading close to a week before the whole last week, half weeks lead supply performance in general, the second half of the week after prices rose, the shipper of stock up emotions rise, the market supply tightening, downstream consumption enterprises and high price, just need to take the goods to give priority to, to maintain the overall situation. Sands on Friday quoted price 13620 yuan/ton, constant movement out of stock, bond lead 13400 yuan/ton, south TongGuan at 13620 yuan/ton.
【 Center point 】
thanks to a weaker dollar, on Friday, Shanghai metal generally rose, Shanghai high lead before were refreshed again, but only on the touch down immediately after, the top pressure, shock interval in 13750 - forecast today 13900 yuan between.
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