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Shanghai metal trading center lead extraction solution in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
the LME lead fell yesterday. Opened at $1814, intraday high back and closed in 1821. Fell $50, $2, or 0. 11%, volume 2812 hands.
Shanghai main lead 1609 contracts continue to fall. Opened in 13945 yuan, rose 45 yuan, after the opening back up after fell to 13905 yuan, on top of 14030 yuan, after finally closed at 13895 yuan, the lowest 13890 yuan yesterday, trading volume was 4380.
the spot market overview:
Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center yesterday morning newspaper in 13850 - spot lead Average price of 14000 yuan, compared with the previous trading day up 200 yuan/ton. Yesterday in the Shanghai area sands lead price 14000 yuan/ton, followed down, down to 13950 yuan/ton, constant bond price 13950 yuan/ton, 13910 yuan/ton, south TongGuan 13970 yuan/ton, constant state refiners not shipment, traders offer a rising tide lifts all boats, downstream isn't buying it. Single deal still mediocre.
【 Center point 】
overnight Shanghai metal a broad retreat, Shanghai main lead yesterday after midnight rapid decline, eventually fell below 1. 40000, brin rail pressure is bigger, but average support, in this week or maintain shocks, shock interval in 13830 - forecast today 13950.
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