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Shanghai metal trading center lead extraction solution in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Overnight LME3 on lead, domestic closing price yesterday at $1805 / ton, price after consolidation, prices near the settlement price shocks, prices fell in the evening, finally closing at 1816 dollars/tons. , the price is a little change. Holdings increase hand 12 800. 10000 hands. Lead 1609 consolidation,
overnight Shanghai opened late in 13835 yuan/ton, price swings, price of 13875 yuan/ton, the lowest 13775 yuan/ton. Little change %. 1609 contract positions. 10000 hands.

Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center yesterday morning newspaper in 13800 - spot lead Under the average price of 13950 yuan, compared with the previous trading day down 50 yuan/ton. Yesterday in the Shanghai area sands lead 13920 - quotation 13950 yuan/ton, the Shanghai main 1608 contract premium near 100 yuan/ton, yuguang warehouse receipt to 30 yuan/ton, 1608 contract premium spot price premium yesterday, traders price rised, downstream high fear, take goods not active, light volume.
overnight base metal is generally weak. Shanghai lead the main shock, but the date line level downward trend began to emerge, the prophase has reached a peak interval, short-term trend line, the neckline is below the double top, big trend is no longer the continuation of probability, is expected to price high and volatile.
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