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Shanghai metal trading center lead extraction solution in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
LME lead up yesterday. Opened at $1803, yesterday range-bound, slightly higher, closed in 1807. A $50, rose $10, or 0. 56%, volume 2481 hands.
Shanghai lead main 1609 contract overnight trading closed down. Opened in 13610 yuan, rose 5 yuan, dip rebounded in early for short periods of time, late sustained concussion, above the average finally closed at 13650 yuan, 40 yuan decrease, fall in 0. 29%, up to 13690 yuan, 13575 yuan, the lowest volume of 5650 hands.
the spot market overview:
Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center yesterday morning newspaper in 13530 - spot lead Average price of 13630 yuan, compared with the previous trading day down 45 yuan/ton. Yesterday in the Shanghai area sands lead 13630 - quotation 13650 yuan/ton, ShuiKouShan quotation for 1608 contract near the past decade, the south, constant bond price 13600 yuan/ton, the guangdong area lead silver 13350 yuan/ton. Southern smelting production maintenance, according to the personage inside course of study, chi macro part production line production, the grocers bullish prices, low price out, more than the downstream is given priority to with long single, throwaway clinch a deal.
【 Center point 】
with the fed's decision Wednesday to keep interest rates unchanged, a weaker dollar, on the base metal, lead and edged up to $1800 on the site, and we believe in the near future to observation points can be established, if only a short rebound, the market outlook is still likely to return to the slide.
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