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Shanghai metal zinc extraction solution trading center in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Rose overnight LME3 month, domestic closed lme zinc prices in 2184 dollars/tons, after a rise, the lowest $2175 / ton, the highest $2207, closed at $2210, $42 yesterday rose, rose 1. 94%.
overnight Shanghai zinc prices, 1609 opened late in 16903 yuan/ton, the lowest price 16870 yuan/ton, up to 17030 yuan/ton, finally closing at 16985 yuan/ton, the overall rise in price, 500 holdings reduced up to 17. 90000 hands.
yesterday Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) On the morning of spot transaction price quote in 16780-0 # zinc 16880 yuan/ton fell 260 points, 1 # is not available recently, zinc price index for 16821. 2, down 260 points. Spot zinc premium narrowed 30 yuan, on the morning of the registered brand 0 # 1609 liter discount contract offer near C30, double yan in the c10, ordinary 0 # quote around C30, ordinary 0 # brand is plentiful, 1 # zinc is not available, import zinc sources accounted for about 20%, the c60 - AZ C110, Peru c140 quotation. Yesterday of zinc prices, the downstream clinch a deal similar to the day, traders are relatively positive. Rised smelters. According to the research results of metal extraction solution center, most traders in the futures market to bearish.
in July, SHFE inventory reduction before, LME stocks after the first increased, the overall inventory increase. The current 21 SHFE inventory. 10000 tons. LME inventories increased from 410000 tons to 430000 tons, the overall inventory increase of 20000 tons. Because the zinc prices high, smelter incentive to produce stronger, production is about 500000 tons, production capacity of 600000 tons, is still greater than the production capacity, supply side reform is still a long way. Spot the fundamental level, the downstream procurement clinch a deal amount, the downstream demand is still stable. Lme3 month main zinc prices are callback zinc prices as well as Shanghai, now down to the important of averages ma20, prices rebound, rebound is expected to continue.
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