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Shanghai period is generally weaker Shanghai metal lead to fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
the LME lead yesterday after the suppression Yang first. Opened at $1795, after the opening shock slump, the bottom of the back up after the $1783, finally closed at $1808, up 12. 50 yuan, or 0. 70%, volume 3031 hands.
Shanghai lead plate fell main 1609 contract yesterday night. Opened in 13735 yuan, open slightly higher 5 yuan, interval concussion, all night long after midnight to above average volatility, which ended at the highest 13760 yuan, at least 13660 yuan yesterday, trading volume was 2262.
the spot market overview:
Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center yesterday morning newspaper in 13750 - spot lead Average price of 13900 yuan, compared with the previous trading day unchanged. Shanghai market sands lead price 13900 yuan/ton, yuguang warehouse receipt to 90 yuan/ton, 1608 contract premium TongGuan, double yan to near 80 yuan/ton, 1608 contract premium mengzi 13860 yuan/ton. Shanghai is still keep a bullish sentiment, downstream maintain a wait-and-see attitude, just need a small amount of purchase, general trading.
【 Center point 】
overnight Shanghai metal is generally weaker, Shanghai main lead small closed down, the technical indicators have a downward trend, date line cloth rail gradually close to the forest, afternoon continue to fall.
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