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Shanghai trading center aluminum metal extraction solution in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The U. S. department of commerce data show that in the second quarter GDP annual from initial growth of 1. 2, 2% expected. 5%, the first value of 1. Correction of 0 1%. 8%. Business inventories to reduce in the second quarter of 8. 1 billion dollars, to decline for the first time for the third quarter of 2011 dollar, the fed years hike expectations fell from 50% to 36%, the metal extraction solution boost. Shanghai aluminum main MACD Yin line narrowing, but under pressure in the rail in the forest, momentum is insufficient, Aaron aluminum KDJ bull, but blocked from 20 daily average lines, expected short-term price shocks weak.

LME3 on aluminum shocks, opening at $1609, early maintaining near the average small shocks, briefly hit the lowest price $1606, jumped higher at night, a strong breakthrough 10 and 40 - day moving average, midnight on touch top $1642, 1639. 29 $5, rise. $5, or 1. 83%. Holdings reduce 1343 to 76. 40000 hand, and the volume of 18000 hands. Shanghai aluminum main 1609 contract after suppression Yang first, overnight open to 12290 yuan, 10 yuan high open, open the diving down, break through the previous day's closing price support, touch under the lowest price is 12240 yuan, the subsequent rebound, midnight lift turn red to a maximum of 12360 yuan, after the shock stabilized, closed at 12340 yuan, rose 60 yuan, or 0. 49%.

Shanghai metal extract solution on Friday trading center spot aluminum quotation in 12600 - in the morning 12640 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 10 yuan/tons, in b150 - liter discount B190, premium range small step back. Shanghai metal trading center spot extraction solution aluminum index in 12657. 45 points, the previous trading day down 10 points. Traders profit squeeze, wait-and-see mood rise, the downstream enterprises expect prices to fall further, will generally goods, purchasing desire cooling, inventory sufficient, near the weekend said the goods is less, maintain a cautious attitude.
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