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Shanghai trading center aluminum metal extraction solution in early trading tips

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Individual consumer spending is still strong in June in the United States, the core PCE year-on-year growth remain high. But the macroeconomic situation has not been improved significantly, Japan continued stimulus policy, Australia's interest rate by 0. A record low 25%, the market risk preference mood to make global stock markets fell, U. S. stocks follow the peripheral market, oil prices fell into a technical bear market triggered worries about global economic growth, metal extraction solution under pressure. Shanghai aluminum main Yin line expanding, but the downside is limited, attention above resistance at 12280, Aaron cloth forest rail aluminum resistance is bigger, but will still be supported, at the bottom of the expected short-term price shocks weak.

LME3 on aluminum after magnified, first opened in 1632 dollars, early strength rise, the center of gravity move up, break 20 daily average lines forming resistance and once at night lift turn red to top $1652, after the high short-term the diving, and closed at the lowest price $1621, down $13, or 0. 8%. Holdings reduce 194 to 76. 70000 hand, and the volume of 12825 hands. Shanghai aluminum main 1610 contract high low, overnight open to 12240 yuan, 65 yuan high, short recovery after opening, touch on the highest 12260 yuan, collapsed in the downlink, near night end plate once fell to the lowest 12125 yuan, 12145 yuan, down 30 yuan, or 0. 25%.

Shanghai metal extraction solution yesterday trading center spot aluminum quotation in 12540 - in the morning 12580 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 70 yuan/tons, in b110 - liter discount B150, premium range narrowed but still remain high. Shanghai metal trading center spot extraction solution aluminum index in 12557. 45 points, down 70 points on the previous trading day. Overall clinch a deal the day before yesterday recovered, the shipper of positive shipment, early quotation in average price + 20 yuan/tons, as a shipper of shipments will rise, prices fell, on average - quotation About 10 yuan/ton, traders replenishment will recovered at a lower price, the downstream demand purchase, maintain a cautious attitude.
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