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Shipment day review: the grocers positive 19 rising prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
International market: the dollar index continued to fall to boost funds market, today's aluminum rose slightly, support on above $1800. Beijing time, descend LME3 three-month aluminum $1742, a rise of 5 in the last trading day. 5 dollars/ton.

the Yangtze aluminum mesh ( alu。 。 cn) Domestic market: today Shanghai aluminum 2001 contracts opened 13760 yuan, main month low intraday high of 13780 yuan, 13730 yuan, in late 13740, the previous trading day up 40 yuan/ton. China's central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates, the price of the metal support, Shanghai aluminum rose slightly, today afternoon range.

the spot market: the Yangtze river the spot transaction price of 13940 - today 13980 yuan/ton, up 30 yuan/ton; Guangdong south store at 13860 - 13920 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan/ton; China reported 14050 - 14070 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan/ton; Stock clinch a deal the average price in 13940 - at home 13980 yuan/ton. Today is aluminum rose slightly, the shipment of goods is positive, the downstream enterprise receiving state fair, good market clinch a deal.

news both at home and abroad:

1, chinalco changed their expectations, the goal is to mining in early December, bauxite is expected annual capacity of 12 million tons.

2, bauxite reserves of Indonesia, the world ranked sixth. According to maritime minister LuHu said, although rich in resources, Indonesia is lack of the processed into the ability of downstream products, a large number of bauxite is used only for export.

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