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Short of zinc high empty selling zinc prices or or limited today

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Xi jinping said unswervingly promote structural reform, the supply side zinc inventory brings support for zinc prices continued overnight zinc rose $2, and buyers cautious wait-and-see, is expected today is zinc prices or little change

' Of zinc market] Aaron zinc opened in 1888. 5 dollars/tons, and disk thinly traded, and the Lord above the daily average lines run centre of gravity is near $1890 / ton, Europe and the United States dropped plate disk lost - day moving average, low hit 1878 dollars/tons. Late rally in crude oil, rose rare briefly recovered 1900 dollars/ton level, eventually closed at $1898 / ton. Up $2 per ton. Volume down 504-8265 hand, holdings fall 1303 to 27. 00000 hands. Shanghai zinc main 1607 contracts in 15060 yuan/ton, after opening the bulls quickly up to 15200 yuan/ton, near the highs hit 15220 yuan/ton, but high excitation short much profit left, Shanghai main zinc fell fall - day moving average to 15100 yuan/ton, near closed at 15110 yuan/ton, up to 40 yuan/ton. The main contract volume down to 16. 00000 holdings, 1536 to 19. 50000 hands.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: short period zinc high alert to empty sell-off, shipment of zinc ingot smelters, traders offer positive, clinch a deal is given priority to with long single delivery, prices continue to downstream buyers wait-and-see, buying is weak, the overall light volume, estimated spot market price zinc ingots or limited.
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