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Significance of centrifugal extraction machine in modern plant extracts extracted

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Plant extracts on the extension of conception including herbal extracts. Extracts from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a new type of Chinese medicine products in fusion modern pharmaceutical technology, its essence is still the traditional Chinese medicine, but also outside part used in drug cosmetics and health food, and other purposes. At home, plant extracts of Chinese herbal medicine is the main object, therefore the domestic plant extracts, to some extent can also be referred to as Chinese traditional medicine extract.
at present, the vast majority of plant extracts have no national standards or industry standards, and more enterprises to the quality clause in the contract as the basis of product delivery, product quality testing method is relatively chaos, brought barriers to the production and business operation, also poses challenges to the development of industry. Industry in the minority enterprise has preliminarily set up enterprise technical standard system, quality standards, quality standards and extract medicinal materials planting herbs procedure, extract production technology regulations and inspection procedures. The ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation has approved a 'single plant extracts import and export quality standards' research, is expected to put forward a set of standards for industry.
the process of plant medicine have polar opposite point of view and method. A pole is one of the traditional proprietary Chinese medicine treatment, nothing more than water decoction method, water alcohol method and alcohol water ( Individual volatile medicine with distillation) 。 Other is westernized methods, namely plants of the chemical composition of the purified. Each method has its own reason and value the poles. The traditional methods, rough process, the shortcomings are obvious: ( 1) It is difficult to make preparation of high concentration degree, such as high concentration forcibly made, easy absorption of moisture, mildew, on the other hand, are taking the number is too big, not convenient. If lower doses because of low dose, efficacy. ( 2) Chemical research shallow to deepen the scientific research, with modern medical science. ( 3) Quantitative indicators to high, easy to be 'gray'. ( 4) Easy to exceed foreign index of heavy metals, difficult to move towards the world. Chemical purification as a means of scientific research has significant meaning to the subtle science understanding. But if, as a commercial development method and the research methods, its weaknesses: ( 1) People understanding of plant active ingredient is a process of deepening, not a one-off. Plant chemical history shows that it is the case, often when we think we found the plant active ingredients, but in fact it is just one of the effective components, may be relatively easy to purification, relatively easy to find, is not necessarily more nature plant ingredients. Therefore, we should not be hasty. ( 2) More nature plant chemical composition is often difficult to purification of complex structure of hard to quantify. ( 3) Plant internal itself is a miniature of compound preparations. Its effect is often not just comes from something or some kind of chemical composition, but some kind of chemical composition, but there are primary and secondary. We assume that, in their internal may also like the traditional Chinese medicine compound preparations, have a fujin make relationship. Chemical monomer purification effect is rather poor, many such examples. Such as ginkgo biloba extract on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular has good effect, after the lactones ginkgo biloba extract out, lose the cerebrovascular function, reduces the cardiovascular function, which proves that lactone is more important. But pure lactone injection clinical verification results is not very ideal, far less than the mixture injection. Experience in preparation of Chinese herbal medicine intravenous injection of people know, the plant composition is made after purification of injection, although the quantitative indicators can be greatly high, the effect is far less than the mixture of injection. ( 4) Purification of greatly increased industrial costs, also waste other available resources. Components of research. Plant extracts by chemical properties can be divided into different components, according to the physical or chemical and physical properties can be divided into different components. Such as the use of different resin column for differences in plant extract of adsorption or exchange, completely segmentation can be divided into different groups.
compared with component research method, the component research methods on the one hand, can remove the high hygroscopicity composition in plants and harmful ingredients, active ingredients concentration at the same time, to the high content preparation made from high concentration degree, reflected the characteristics of high technology. On the other hand, it is a mixture, rather than the monomer, known is a part of the effective components in the mixture, the other part is unknown may be effective ingredients ( So called 'black box' method) 。 The history of plant chemical practice has repeatedly proved that the nature of that part of the unknown component are often more ingredients. Industrial methods of modern plant medicine, the method has more advantages in components, components and composition method and the research method is more and more recognized by people.
in terms of plant extracts industry, at present, some of antibiotic drug and amino acids and other biological products production centrifugal extraction machine used to be imported. New centrifugal extraction machine can replace the imported, wide prospect of market.
in biological engineering, has been successfully applied in plants and the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine, tea phenol extraction of tea, Chinese medicine extract of garlic oil etc.
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