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Sinomenine solvent extraction with centrifugal extraction machine effect

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Orientvine menispermaceae plants ivy leaves and dry hair green vines, with functions of wet, the function of the channels and collaterals. Orientvine main ingredients are sinomenine, double sinomenine, magnolia alkali, pointed out the alkali, etc. , which is suitable for the main components of anti-rheumatism sinomenine has anti-inflammatory and immune suppression, anti-arrhythmic, and so on. Conventional method of effective ingredients extracted from traditional Chinese medicine mainly have heat extraction method and soak extract method two kinds.
at present, with the new technology research and application in medicine ingredient extraction, a new method, such as carbon dioxide supercritical gas extraction, microwave extraction and ultrasonic extraction method, etc. Industrial solvent extraction method is often used to extract the sinomenine.

extraction separation of sinomenine case:

hunan sinomenine extract of the preparation of a pharmaceutical company, using chloroform as extraction agent, the CWL450 - M type centrifugal extraction machine of sinomenine extraction, extraction yield of 98%, product purity is higher. The process for the capacity of sinomenine extract is 10 m3 / h, equipment operation with low power consumption, convenient parking, good operating environment.

the sinomenine extraction separation equipment, more appropriate model is recommended centrifugal extraction machine, match the above introduction of solvent extraction is a very appropriate, the effect is very good also. Has been put into use in the industry, through the experiment and successful cases can be used to detect the effect.

solvent extraction to extract the sinomenine advantage:

1, continuous operation, fast response and high efficiency.

2, less damaging to solvent and extracting agent can continue to recycle, greatly saves the cost;

3, the process of solvent extraction method is simpler, technology is mature, the application range is extensive;
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